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PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP ROUNDUP: Major Public-Private Partnership Reports, Analysis, Backgrounders, Fact Sheets, Briefing Notes & Media Releases

Posted: July 27, 2020

On this page you can find a roundup of Ontario Health Coalition Public-Private Partnership:

  1. Reports & Analysis
  2. Backgrounders, Facts Sheets & Briefing Notes
  3. Media Releases



December 8-9, 2008: Brampton P3 Audit: Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in ‘Mistakes’ in Brampton P3 Finances

January 7, 2008: When Public Relations Trumps Public Responsibility

April 7, 2005: Flawed, Failed, Abandoned, 100 P3s Canadian and International Evidence

March, 2004: Newly Released Documents Confirm Massive Hospital Privatization


Backgrounders/Fact Sheets/Briefing Notes

January 24, 2020: Province Ignored Repeated Warnings and Evidence Leading to Yesterday’s Declaration of “State of Emergency” in Brampton Hospital, Similar Issues Apply Across Ontario

December 9, 2007: What’s Happening to Brampton’s Hospital?

April 1, 2007: OHC Hospital P3 Tracker Update

January 31, 2006: OHC Hospital P3 Tracker

January 1, 2006: Say NO to privatized hospitals: McGuinty plans private hospitals across Ontario

August 26, 2005: “Truth Serum”

May 1, 2005: Privatized P3 Hospitals: Premier McGuinty is breaking his promise

June 11, 2004: A Closer Look – Nurses and P3s: North Durham Hospital Case Study

February 24, 2004: Shoddy Corporate Records behind Bid-Winners of Private Hospital Projects Planned Across Country

November 21, 2003: The Fight is on to Protect Our Hospitals from For-Profit Takeover

July 11, 2003: P3 Corporations, Lobbying Activities and Donations to PC Party Ontario

May 11, 2003: P3 Hospitals – Importing a British Failure

April 22, 2003: Reveal Secret Information on For-Profit Hospital: Health Coalition Challenges Eves/Clement

Spring 2003: Myth Buster: P3 Hospitals – A Closer Look

January 11, 2003: Pre-Election Liberal Criticisms of P3 Hospitals & Commitments to Publicly Financed and Owned Hospitals Compared to Post-Election Stances

September 2002: Public Private Partnerships or Profit over Patients?

January 2002: Medicare’s Critics: Back to the “Good Old Days”?


Media Releases

June 4, 2018: Ontario Election 2018 Health Care Resources

April 27, 2017: Ontario Budget Health Care Investments Do Not Meet Expectations: Hospital Funding Inadequate to Stop Cuts & Meet Community’s Needs

January 13, 2015: Privatized P3 Hospitals & Projects Cost $8 Billion More

May 29, 2013: Coalition Slams “Bullying” Tactics by Premier and Health Minister to Force Through P3 Hospital Privatization Without Public Accountability: Kingston Hospital Latest in More than $4 Billion in Hospital P3 Privatization Under Ontario’s Liberal Government

December 5, 2012: Kingston Health Coalition: “Provincial Official Misleads City

June 18, 2007: North Bay Hospital Cover-Up Tactics

May 9, 2007:Secret Costs of Brampton P3 Hospital Revealed

November 2, 2006: McGuinty Government Fudging Costs

October 27, 2006: Secret Tenders Issued by McGuinty Government to Private Companies for P3 Hospitals

May 9, 2006: 300 Nurses Ask McGuinty to Stop P3 Hospitals: Joint Letter

March 27, 2006: 97.7% of 28,658 People Vote to Keep Hamilton’s Hospitals 100% Public

March 20, 2006: Ontario Doctors Send Open Letter to Premier McGuinty to Stop the P3 Privatization of Ontario’s Hospitals

November 27, 2005: 97% of 7,396 People Vote to Keep Woodstock’s Hospital 100% Public

November 21, 2005: 97% of 8,824 People Vote to Keep North Bay’s Hospital 100% Public

June 27, 2005: 98% Vote to Keep Hospital Public in First Plebiscite to Stop P3 Hospitals

August 6, 2004: Over $100 Million Wasted in Secretive P3 Hospital Deal

March, 2004: Health Ministry Sit-In to Stop Private Hospitals

January 21, 2004: Extraordinary Secrecy Obscures Billion-Dollar P3 Hospital Deals

October 1, 2003: Ontario Health Coalition Vows to Continue Legal Action to Keep Hospitals Public

September 26, 2003: $1.3 Billion in Private Hospital Deals Since Kick-off of Election Outrageous

September 26, 2003: Clement Plays with the Facts – Misrepresents Brampton Hospital Privatization

March 31, 2003: For-Profit Hospitals and Clinics Threaten the Future of Medicare: Ontario Health Coalition Launches Fight-Back

February 4, 2003: Eves Guilty of Hidden Money, Misspending

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