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Primary Care


Analysis Ontario Health Coalition Analysis of the First Ministers’ Health Accord

(February 11, 2003) A reading of the new “Health Accord” reached last week at the First Ministers’ meetings leads to more questions than answers.

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OHC Accountability Handbook

(May 2003) This resource provides answers to frequent questions regarding access to medicines, programmes and health services.

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Analysis Preliminary Analysis of the Romanow Report from the Canadian Health Coalition and the Canadian Labour Congress

(November 28, 2002) The Romanow Report on the Future of Health Care concluded that there is a consensus among Canadians that Medicare is a moral enterprise, not a commercial venture.

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OHC Primary Care Reform Position Paper

(May 2002) For years, health care advocates and their organizations have pushed for true primary care reform that will deliver to Ontarians more access and better services.

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How private finance is moving primary care into corporate ownership

(April 21, 2001) British Medical Journal article on the privatization of primary care in Britain.

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Will primary care trusts lead to US-style health care?

(April 21, 2001) A study by Allyson M Pollock published in the British Medical Journal examines how the introduction of primary care trusts in the UK could lead to a US style health system.

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