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PRIVATIZATION ROUNDUP: Major Privatization Reports, Analysis, Backgrounders, Fact Sheets, Briefing Notes & Media Releases

Posted: July 27, 2020

On this page you can find a roundup of Ontario Health Coalition Privatization:

  1. Reports & Analysis
  2. Backgrounders, Facts Sheets & Briefing Notes
  3. Media Releases



February 27, 2019: Health Care Omnibus Bill Sets Up Ontario for Health System Mega-Mergers & Privatization: Worse than the Leaked Draft, Health Coalition Warns

June 10, 2017: Private Clinics & the Threat to Public Medicare in Canada: Results of Surveys with Private Clinics and Patients

March 15, 2016: Chamber of Commerce Privatization Report Poorly Researched, Not in Public Interest: Health Coalition

March 25, 2014: Private Health Clinics Using Manipulative Tactics to Over-Bill Patients: Ontario Health Coalition Report

September 10, 2012: Ontario Conservative Party Health Paper A Recipe for Privatization

June 15, 2012: Schedule 28 Update: Weak amendments to McGuinty omnibus budget bill facilitate sweeping privatization – Citizens’ groups call for privatization clause to be struck down

October 6, 2008: Private Clinics Report: Eroding Public Medicare: Lessons and Consequences of For-Profit Health Care Across Canada

October 1, 2007: Private Clinics Report: First Do No Harm

January 19, 2006: Legal Opinion on the Copeman Clinic

September 1, 2002: Scanning For Profit: A Critical Review of the Evidence Regarding For-Profit MRI and CT Clinics


Backgrounders/Fact Sheets/Briefing Notes

November 20, 2019: Mounting Health Care Cuts

August 3, 2019: Mounting Health Care Cuts

June 21, 2019: Ontario Health Coalition Briefing Note on Ontario Cabinet Shuffle: Deep Concerns about Ideological Positions of New Minister of Long-Term Care & Associate Minister of Mental Health & Addictions

May 30, 2019: List of local hospital and health services cuts/mergers/privatization

April 16, 2019: Undeniable signals Doug Ford intends major health care privatization


December 5, 2012: The Austerity Index Part I: Health Care cuts and deficits across Ontario

January 23, 2012: The Drummond Commission: A Cover for Cuts and Privatization

January 1, 2011: B.C. Private Clinics Challenge to Single-Tier Health Care

May 31, 2007: Canadian Constitution Foundation Challenge Against Single-Tier Medicare

March 22, 2007: Ontario Health Coalition Backgrounder on Private Clinics

June 6, 2004: “Payments for care at private for-profit and private not-for-profit hospitals: a systematic review and meta-analysis”

April 22, 2003: For-Profit MRI/CT Clinics

March 1, 2003: Funny Numbers – Ontario Health Coalition Brief on Ministry of Health Publicity re. For-Profit MRI/CT Clinics

September 3, 2002: “The Pulse” OHC Newsletter – Private MRI and CT Clinics

September 2, 2002: Public Private Partnerships of Profit Over patients? The Facts About For-Profit Hospitals

January 2002: Medicare’s Critics: Back to the “Good Old Days”?

May 2001: Privatization Fact Sheet: Why NOT Privatize

May 2001: Health Care Spending: The Facts

May 1999: Health Facts: Privatization


Media Releases

April 17, 2019: Ford’s ambulance and public health cuts and restructuring come with high costs, reduced services: Coalition warns

March 18, 2019: Ford Government is Steamrolling Health Restructuring Law Through in “Outrageously Undemocratic” Process Warns Health Coalition: Local Services at Risk

February 11, 2019: Warning that Leaked Health Care Omnibus Bill Would Create Health Care Chaos: Longstanding Leaders of Organizations Representing Patients, Care Workers, Doctors

February 1, 2019: Leaked Draft Health Care Legislation a “Gargantuan Nightmare Scenario”: Community and Labour Groups Join Forces for Major Fightback

October 23, 2018: Thousands Demand Doug Ford Disavow Health Care Privatization and Cuts – Other Political Parties Respond Positively to Coalition’s Demand for Services to be Rebuilt & Restored

June 4, 2018: Deeply concerned about Doug Ford’s planned revenue cuts, comparison of parties’ commitments on key health care issues

June 4, 2018: Ontario Election 2018 Health Care Resources

June 3, 2018: $22 billion in cuts to funding for public services planned by Mr. Ford, worse than Harris, we are “extremely worried”

May 16, 2018: Provincial Election Discussion Should be About Rebuilding Public Hospitals & Long-Term Care Not “Efficiencies” or “Lean” or Code Words for Cuts: Health Coalition Calls for Concrete Commitments to Redress the Crisis in Access to Care

November 6, 2017: Public Home Care Would Benefit Ontarians Despite Claims of Vested Interests/For-Profit Home Care Companies: Health Coalition Calls for More Details

October 23, 2017: Wynne Government’s Hospital Bed Announcement a Temporary Band-Aid But Health Coalition Slams Expanding Health Care Privatization

October 7, 2016: Coalition Warns Health Minister: Privatization of Ontario’s Health Systems for Patient Records and Information Will Incite Massive Public Opposition

September 29, 2014: User fees threatened for patients across Canada if court challenge negotiations fail to uphold Medicare

July 8, 2014: More than 80,000 Ontarians Vote to Stop Wynne Government Plan to Cut Local Community Hospitals and Contract Out Care to Private Clinics: Health Care Advocates Call On the Premier and New Health Minister to Stop the Privatization Plan

April 7, 2014: More than 56,000 Ontarians vote to stop the dismantling of community hospitals in volunteer-led referendum: Health Coalition

October 8, 2013: Ontario’s Wynne Government Plans to Bring In Private Clinics: Threatens Non-Profit Community Hospital Care

January 25, 2013: “OHC Austerity Index Part II” details how Hospital Cuts and Privatization Reach New Levels: Coalition Announces “S.O.S.” – Save Our Services – Day of Action

December 7, 2011: McGuinty Warned to Stop Health Care Privatization: OHC Responds to Drummond Commission

June 21, 2011: Coalition Applauds McGuinty Government for Taking Steps to Safeguard Single-Tier Medicare

April 28, 2011:OHC Calls on McGuinty Government to Stop NHS Privatization Plan in Welland

March 8, 2010: OHC Response to Throne Speech: Fears that New Hospital Funding System Threatens Patient Access, Leads to Privatization

October 8, 2009: Documents Revealed Through Freedom of Information Request Show Increasing Privatization and Consolidation of Ontario’s Medical Laboratory Services

May 24, 2007: Tory’s Health Platform: A Recipe For Privatization

May 2, 2007: Legal Challenge to Medicare: Charter Challenge against Medicare in Ontario opportunistic and dishonest

March 22, 2007: Private Clinic Aligns with Conservatives in Misleading Campaign to Privatize Health System

March 16, 2007: Ontario Health Coalition Slams Private Clinic Proposal & John Tory’s Support for Privatization

February 5, 2007: Health Coalitions Accuse Harper Government of Allowing Privatization and Not Improving the Public System

December 12, 2006: Two-Tier Health Clinic in Kingston Contravenes Law: OHC Calls on Ministry to Take Action

February 4, 2005: MRI – CT In-Hospital Investment Applauded by Ontario Health Coalition

July 23, 2004: MRI Buyback A Sound Investment – Health Coalition Slams Tory Hypocricy

September 9, 2003: Coalition says private operator not appropriate for mental health and addictions facility on Queen

August 6, 2003: Profits poached from public health: Ontario government must cancel for-profit MRI and CT clinic, says Ontario Health Coalition

March 31, 2003: For-Profit Hospitals & Clinics threaten the future of Medicare: Ontario Health Coalition Launches Fight Back

February 28, 2003: Coalition casts doubt on Clement’s MRI numbers, calls them “Unbelievable”

February 4, 2003: Eves guilty of hidden money, misspending: Ontario Health Coalition

September 25, 2002: For-Profit MRI & CT Scan Update: Clement says he’s looking at it, Eves says “policy is evolving”

September 19, 2002: For-Profit MRI and CT clinics Slower, More Expensive, More Risky: Report

September 4, 2002: Banff Health Ministers’ Meeting: Minister Clement’s Semantics Disguise Fatal Poison Pill: Health Coalition Warns

July 8, 2002: For-Profit MRIs and CT Scans Extremely Grave Threat: Ontario Health Coalition Warns of Public Response

May 10, 2002: Throne Speech – Tories still stuck in privatization rut

May 1, 2002: What Doesn’t the CD Howe Institute Understand About Who Pays for Health Costs?

December 13, 2001: End Botched Cancer Care Privatization Now!

October 29, 2001: Senate Report Fatally Biased

August 9, 2001: US and Canadian Activists Target Health Privateers

March 21, 2001: More than $190,000 in political donations from another big winner in Harris health policy

February 19, 2001: Health Care Watchdog Slams Privatization of Cancer Treatment in Ontario

February 15, 2001: Telehealth Launch a Milestone in Privatization Agenda

March 20, 2000: Community Activists Come Together in Sudbury to Form Local Health Coalition and Organize Public Forum on Privatization

January 24, 2000: Witmer’s Home Care Policies Forcing Privatization

January 10, 2000: Tory Support for Private, For-Profit Sector Increasing Cost of Health Care

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