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HOSPITALS ROUNDUP: Major Hospital Reports, Analysis, Backgrounders, Fact Sheets, Briefing Notes & Media Releases

Posted: September 25, 2020

On this page you can find a roundup of Ontario Health Coalition Hospital:

  1. Reports & Analysis
  2. Backgrounders, Facts Sheets & Briefing Notes
  3. Media Releases



September 23, 2020: Rate of Increase in COVID-19 among Staff, Residents, and Patients in Ontario’s Health Care Settings More Than Doubled: Coalition Fears Second Wave in Long-Term Care

September 9, 2020: Ford Government Must Be Transparent About COVID-19 Outbreaks, Improve Public Access to Information: Health Coalition Releases Updated Reports on Outbreaks in Health & Non-Health Sectors

July 23, 2020: Updated Tracking Reports Shows New 30 Outbreaks & Increase in Deaths in Health & Congregate Care Settings; New Outbreaks in Agriculture, Retail, Shelters and other Non-Health Care Industries

June 23, 2020: Most Recent Tracking Report Shows that Ministry of Long-Term Care & Public Health Ontario Have Discontinued Public Reporting of Vital COVID-19 Data, Outbreaks in Health Settings Down but Death Rate Continues to Rise

June 5, 2020: Death Toll Among Patients, Residents and Staff in Health Care Settings up 18.4% in 2 weeks: OHC Tracking Numbers Still Growing But More Slowly

June 2, 2020: New Report on COVID-19 Outbreaks in Health Settings

May 12, 2020: Staff & Patients Infected by COVID-19 Outbreaks in Health Care Settings Almost Doubled, Death Toll increased by 333.7 % in 2-weeks: Outbreaks are Not Under Control

February 6, 2020: Review of the Plan to Close More than Half of the Existing Residential Addiction Treatment Beds and Hospital Crisis/Safe Beds from North Bay Regional Health Centre

February 27, 2019: Health Care Omnibus Bill Sets Up Ontario for Health System Mega-Mergers & Privatization: Worse than the Leaked Draft, Health Coalition Warns

March 28, 2017: Our Hospitals, Our Communities: Report on Hospital Care Surveys in Chatham-Kent

April 13, 2016: “Beyond Limits”: Ontario’s community hospital cuts worst in Canada

April 2, 2015: Planned Closure of Five Hospital in Niagara Puts Patients At Risk, Warns International Health Expert

June 5, 2014: A Rural Nurse Speaks Out: New Report Appeals for Devastating Cuts to Small Community Hospitals to Stop

March 25, 2014: Private Health Clinics Using Manipulative Tactics to Over-Bill Patients: Ontario Health Coalition Report

February 20, 2014: Proposed Scarborough-West Durham Hospital Merger: New report highlights $30 million cost and exposes plans to close hospital sites

December 5, 2012: The Austerity Index Part I: Health Care cuts and deficits across Ontario

July 21, 2011: No Vacancy: Hospital Overcrowding in Ontario, Impact on Patient Safety and Access to Care

March 8, 2011: Rural and Northern Framework/Plan

May 17, 2010: Toward Equality and Access: Realigning Ontario’s Approach to Small and Rural Hospitals to Serve Public Values

June 18, 2009: Putting Patients at Risk: Interviews with Ontario Paramedics on the Consequences of Closing Local Emergency Departments


Backgrounders/Fact Sheets/Briefing Notes

September 24, 2020: Health Coalition Demands that Ford Government Stop Privatizing Health Care Under Cover of COVID-19: “There is no excuse not to use reopen & ramp up existing capacity in public system”, Coalition will do everything in its power to stop the undermining of public health care

January 24, 2020: Province Ignored Repeated Warnings and Evidence Leading to Yesterday’s Declaration of “State of Emergency” in Brampton Hospital, Similar Issues Apply Across Ontario

January 10, 2017: Ontario Government Responsible for Overwhelmed Hospital Emergency Departments: Critical Bed Shortages “Systemic and Pervasive”

December 2, 2008: Briefing Notes on Ontario’s Hospital Cuts and Restructuring 2008/2009

January 31, 2006: Hospital Cuts and Restructuring: A Closer Look

January 2000: Hospital Funding

May 1999: Hospital Fact Sheet # 2

February 1999: Hospital Fact Sheet # 1


Media Releases

June 30, 2020: Ford Government Given Failing Marks in Response to Recommendations on Long-Term Care COVID-19 Response in Joint Open Letter from more than 200 Organizations Representing Almost 2 Million Ontarians

April 23, 2020: COVID-19 Outbreaks Have Grown Exponentially In Health Care Settings: Health Coalition tracking report finds 3,783 people infected and 435 patients/residents/staff deceased

March 25, 2020: Pre-budget brief: Ontario so far behind that emergency funding just brings us to where we should have been pre-COVID-19

March 24, 2020: COVID-19 Roundup: Health Workers/LTC Residents Infected, Government Supports & Relief Measures

March 11, 2020: Residents Plan to Step Up Pressure to Ask MPP Fedeli to Save the North Bay Hospital’s Residential Addictions Treatment Program

January 22, 2020: New CBC Hospital Overcrowding Data Should Compel Much More Substantive & Urgent Response from Ford Government: Health Coalition

June 19, 2019: Ford Governments Health Cuts Negatively Impact Patient Care: Coalition Calls Out Ford Government for “Dissembling” and Lack of Public Accountability

April 17, 2019: Ford’s ambulance and public health cuts and restructuring come with high costs, reduced services: Coalition warns

April 11, 2019: Budget Health Care Briefing: What is being Cut, Myth Buster, What is Coming

February 11, 2019: Warning that Leaked Health Care Omnibus Bill Would Create Health Care Chaos: Longstanding Leaders of Organizations Representing Patients, Care Workers, Doctors

June 4, 2018: Deeply concerned about Doug Ford’s planned revenue cuts, comparison of parties’ commitments on key health care issues

June 4, 2018: Ontario Election 2018 Health Care Resources

June 3, 2018: $22 billion in cuts to funding for public services planned by Mr. Ford, worse than Harris, we are “extremely worried”

May 16, 2018: Provincial Election Discussion Should be About Rebuilding Public Hospitals & Long-Term Care Not “Efficiencies” or “Lean” or Code Words for Cuts: Health Coalition Calls for Concrete Commitments to Redress the Crisis in Access to Care

April 13, 2018: Doug Ford’s Figures “Way Off”: Coalition Deeply Concerned About His Statements on Hospitals in Northern Ontario

March 22, 2018: Better but not cured:  Health Coalition responds to Wynne pre-election funding announcement

February 2, 2018: Health Minister’s hospital bed announcement welcome but it is only a temporary band aid, more is needed: Health Coalition

October 31, 2017: Thousands of Patients Lining Hospital Hallways in Brampton “Code Gridlock” Just the Tip of the Iceberg

October 23, 2017: Wynne Government’s Hospital Bed Announcement a Temporary Band-Aid But Health Coalition Slams Expanding Health Care Privatization

October 18, 2017: The Elephant at the Health Ministers’ Meetings: How Will Provinces Cope with $31 Billion Cut

April 27, 2017: Ontario Budget Health Care Investments Do Not Meet Expectations: Hospital Funding Inadequate to Stop Cuts & Meet Community’s Needs

May 31, 2016: More than 94,000 Ontarians Join in Grassroots Referendum to Stop Devastating Hospital Cuts

April 25, 2016: Volunteer-Led Referendum Launched Across Ontario to Save Local Hospitals: Ontarians to Vote Saturday May 28

March 21, 2016: Welland Hospital Awareness Day at Ontario Legislature: Patients, Residents Demand Plan to Close Welland Hospital Be Stopped

March 18, 2016: Welland Hospital Plan Unveiled: Precarious Services are No Replacement for Hospital Closure, Coalition Warns

February 16, 2016: Devastating Hospital Cuts & Flawed Process for Health Reform Consultation: Key Issues for this Session of the Ontario Legislature

July 8, 2014: More than 80,000 Ontarians Vote to Stop Wynne Government Plan to Cut Local Community Hospitals and Contract Out Care to Private Clinics: Health Care Advocates Call On the Premier and New Health Minister to Stop the Privatization Plan

May 1, 2014: Ontario Budget: Austerity Continues For Community Hospitals Plus Some Good News on Minimum Wage, Pensions

April 7, 2014: More than 56,000 Ontarians vote to stop the dismantling of community hospitals in volunteer-led referendum: Health Coalition

October 15, 2013: Scarborough-Ajax Facing Among the Worst Hospital Cuts in Ontario: Campaign Launched to Protect Services

October 8, 2013: Ontario’s Wynne Government Plans to Bring In Private Clinics: Threatens Non-Profit Community Hospital Care

January 25, 2013: “OHC Austerity Index Part II” details how Hospital Cuts and Privatization Reach New Levels: Coalition Announces “S.O.S.” – Save Our Services – Day of Action

November 9, 2012: Health Minister’s Veiled Threat Likened to Bullying: Health Coalition Livid over Health Minister’s Tactics

May 3, 2012: Response to Niagara Hospital Consolidation Proposal

April/May 2011: McGuinty Government Fails to Take Hospital Secrecy off the Table – Amendment to Budget Bill Gives Hospitals Wide Berth to Hide Information

March 26, 2009: Ontario Budget Will Not Help Save Hospitals from Closures, Cuts, Mass Layoffs

October 1, 2003: Ontario Health Coalition Vows to Continue Legal Action to Keep Hospitals Public

September 26, 2003: Clement Plays with the Facts – Misrepresents Brampton Hospital Privatization

September 26, 2003: $1.3 billion in private hospital deals since kick-off of election outrageous: Ontario Health Coalition

March 31, 2003: For-Profit Hospitals & Clinics threaten the Future of Medicare

March 19, 2001: Coalition Urges Government to Stop the Cover-Up in Hospital Emergency Services

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