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LONG-TERM CARE/CHRONIC CARE ROUNDUP: Major Long-Term Care/Chronic Care Reports, Analysis, Backgrounders, Fact Sheets, Briefing Notes & Media Releases

Posted: May 28, 2020

On this page you can find a roundup of Ontario Health Coalition Long-Term Care/Chronic Care:

  1. Reports & Analysis
  2. Backgrounders, Facts Sheets & Briefing Notes
  3. Media Releases



May 12, 2020: COVID-19 outbreaks in health settings almost doubled, death toll up by 333.7%

May 6, 2020: COVID-19 Death Rates in Ontario Long-Term Care Homes Significantly Higher and Increasing in For-Profit Homes vs. Non-Profit and Publicly-Owned Homes: New Data Analysis

December 9, 2019: Caring in Crisis: Ontario’s Long-Term Care PSW Shortage

January 24, 2019: Situation Critical: Planning, Access, Levels of Care and Violence in Ontario’s Long-Term Care

March 26, 2012: Protecting the Public Interest in Toronto’s Long-Term Care Homes: A Review of the Evidence on Privatization

May, 2008: Violence, Insufficient Care, and Downloading of Heavy Care Patients

May 27, 2002: Ownership Matters: Lessons from Ontario’s Long Term Care Facilities

March 2001: Long Term Care Report from Public Forums


Backgrounders/Fact Sheets/Briefing Notes

April 2004: Long Term Care Facilities

May 2002: Long Term Care? Community Care? Home Care? Why Should We Care?

September 14, 2001: Province’s Long Term Care PR Announcements Are an Insult to Seniors

May 2000: The Emerging Crisis in Chronic Care

January 2000: Hospital Funding

January 2000: Patient Classification and Funding in Chronic Care

May 1999: Chronic Care

May 1999: General Long Term Care

May 1999: Long Term Care Facilities

January 1999: Chronic Care Policy Issues


Media Releases

May 19, 2020: Inquiry into Long-Term Care & COVID-19 Cannot Preclude Immediate Actions that are Needed, Must be Independent and Transparent: Health Coalition

April 30, 2020: COVID-19 numbers still escalating in a “devastating” way in Ontario’s long-term care homes: Health Coalition calls a Day of Action to press Ford government for more concrete measures to stop the spread and stabilize the sector

April 23, 2020: COVID-19 Outbreaks Have Grown Exponentially In Health Care Settings: Health Coalition tracking report finds 3,783 people infected and 435 patients/residents/staff deceased

April 16, 2020: Action Plan to Stop the Spread of COVID-19 in Long-Term Care Inadequate: Ford government must match rhetoric with stronger, concrete measures to protect residents and staff

March 24, 2020: COVID-19 Roundup: Health Workers/LTC Residents Infected, Government Supports & Relief Measures

October 10, 2019: Health Coalition & Broad Array of Groups Launch Campaign to Build Mass “Stadium-filling” Event to Save Local Health Care Services

July 10, 2019: Ford Government Cuts to Long-Term Care Funding Risk Already Over-Stressed Care Levels

April 11, 2019: Budget Health Care Briefing: What is being Cut, Myth Buster, What is Coming

February 11, 2019: Warning that Leaked Health Care Omnibus Bill Would Create Health Care Chaos: Longstanding Leaders of Organizations Representing Patients, Care Workers, Doctors

January 19, 2019: Ontario Health Coalition releases new report SITUATION CRITICAL – HOMICIDE AND VIOLENCE IN ONTARIO’S LONG-TERM CARE HOMES

June 4, 2018: Deeply concerned about Doug Ford’s planned revenue cuts, comparison of parties’ commitments on key health care issues

June 4, 2018: Ontario Election 2018 Health Care Resources

June 3, 2018: $22 billion in cuts to funding for public services planned by Mr. Ford, worse than Harris, we are “extremely worried”

May 16, 2018: Provincial Election Discussion Should be About Rebuilding Public Hospitals & Long-Term Care Not “Efficiencies” or “Lean” or Code Words for Cuts: Health Coalition Calls for Concrete Commitments to Redress the Crisis in Access to Care

August 1, 2017: Health Coalition Responds to Wettlaufer Inquiry Announcement

June 28, 2017: Inquiry Should Look into All Recent Homicides, Systemic Issues in Long-Term Care: Health Coalition

March 10, 2017: Health Care Advocates Dismayed with Ottawa’s Divide and Conquer Tactics: Hopes for a Canadian Health Accord Dashed as Provinces Signs Deal

May 21, 2014: Giant Rocking Chair Tour: “Rock-in” for Improved Long-Term Care

June 13, 2012: McGuinty Reneging on Years of Progress in Long-Term Care Homes’ Inspections & Enforcement: Betrays Longstanding Promises to Ontario Seniors

September 9, 2007: Coalition Decries McGuinty’s Failure to Fulfill Promise to Improve Care Levels in Nursing Homes

May 14, 2004: “Strong First Step”

April 26, 2004: Nursing Homes & Homecare Campaign

May 29, 2001: Seniors are Suffering

December 7, 1999: Ontario Health Coalition warns Ontarians to get ready for new Long Term Care legislation

March 3, 1999: OHC Calls for Full Public Consultation and Release of Crucial Long Term Care document

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